Mazda RX-8 (SE3P) S2 2009-2012 Interactive Wiring Diagram

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Interactive Wiring Diagram for the S2 Mazda RX-8

The Mazda RX-8 S2 wiring diagram linked below contains an interactive interface to ease troubleshooting electrical issues by providing animated tracing of electrical paths based on user input controls for the various systems in the S2 RX-8. On the front page there is a list of links to wiring diagrams for the various systems, and a link at the top called "complist" for diagrams of the various connectors. There is a print button for making convenient copies to have on hand when diagnosing the electrical system. Each diagram is color coded, and many of the diagrams have a button called "flow" that can be clicked to activate the interactive portion. When flow is activated, ignition key positions, and relevant switches will be made available to activate the circuit flow animations. The color codes are as follows

  • Pink lines show un-switched power paths
  • Red lines show switched power paths
  • Green lines show grounding paths

[ NOTE: This diagram is a bit clunky to navigate and is missing some images for grounding connectors and such. I will be giving it a facelift (after I get more pages completed for RX-Wiki) to make it easier to look at and easier to navigate in the near future. Regards, Ryan]

Mazda RX-8 S2 Wiring Diagram

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